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Certified Associate in PMO (CA-PMO) ® - Oman

The Certified Associate in PMO (CA-PMO)® credential is a professional certification designed for individuals seeking to establish or enhance their career in Project Management Offices (PMO). This certification is aimed at professionals who wish to demonstrate their understanding of PMO practices, tools, and techniques. It serves as a testament to their ability to contribute effectively to a PMO’s strategic objectives and improve project management processes within an organization.


The CA-PMO® certification program covers fundamentals of PMO related to PMO functions, including project governance, portfolio management, resource allocation, and performance metrics. Candidates will learn best practices in managing projects and programs that align with organizational goals, enhancing their ability to support successful project outcomes.

Course Price Details:

  • Early Bird: $699 (Valid till Date)

  • Regular: $799

Course Curriculum:

  • CB-PMO® Framework

  • Introduction to PMO

  • Setting Up a PMO

  • PMO Operations

  • Managing Projects and Programs in PMO

  • Measuring PMO Performance

  • Assessing and Enhancing PMO Maturity

  • Best Practices in PMO

  • PMO Games and Exercises


CA-PMO® Exam Eligibility Criteria


Educational Background:

A bachelor degree or equivalent is usually required. Higher education in project management or related fields may be beneficial but not mandatory.


Professional Experience:

While specific professional experience may not be required, having some background in project management or working within a Project Management Office (PMO) can be advantageous.


Training and Preparation:

Candidate must complete a minimum of 08 hours of formal Certified Associate in PMO (CA-PMO) exam preparation training from PMO Global Institute authorized trainer. This training ensures that all candidates have a foundational understanding of PMO functions before taking the certification exam.


Commitment to Professional Ethics:

Agreement to adhere to a professional code of conduct and ethics as prescribed by the certifying body. This commitment is essential to maintain the integrity and value of the certification.

Who Should Apply?

  • Project managers and coordinators seeking to specialize in PMO.

  • Individuals aspiring to enter the project management field.

  • PMO analysts and consultants looking to validate their skills.

  • Project team members aiming to understand PMO dynamics for career advancement.


Exam Information

  • Multiple Choice Questions

    • Multiple Choice questions & Drag and Drop

    • Mapping Questions & Multi Response Questions

    • Definition type questions & fill in the blanks

  • 80 minutes

Exam Fee

  • $199 / First Attempt

  • $129 / Second and Third Attempt


Course Information

  • Length: 8 Hours (2 days of Training)

  • Delivery Method: Instructor Led Live Training

  • Professional Unit: 8 hours

  • Text Book: Project Management Office (PMO) Guidebook Second Edition (PMO Guidebook®)


Course Scheduling Options

  • DATE: Coming Soon!

  • TIME: 5 - 9 PM (GST)

Staff Meeting

Benefits of CA-PMO® Certification

  • Professional Recognition: Stand out in the job market with a certification that showcases your PMO expertise.

  • Skill Enhancement: Elevate your understanding of PMO functions and best practices, increasing your value to organizations.

  • Career Opportunities: Open doors to new job prospects, higher salaries, and leadership roles in project management.

  • Continuous Learning: Access to a wealth of resources and a community of professionals for ongoing development in the field of PMO.

  • How can I earn the CB- PMO® Certification?
    This certification is divided into two parts: CB-PMO® Training from PMO Global Institute Authorized Trainer CB-PMO® Examination Once you complete the certification training, you will be eligible to sit for the exam within 3 months from the completion date.
  • Are there any prerequisites for this certification?
    Any project management professional having at least 5 years of Project Management Experience can pursue the CB-PMO® Certification. Need minimum of 21 hours of formal PMO training from PMO Global Institute authorized trainer.
  • How can I maintain the certifications?
    Report 30 hours of PMO Learning and implementation experience in a 3 years period Pay a renewal fee of $89 dollars every 3 years.
  • How much do I need to pay for the certifications?
    The certification is divided into two parts: Training and CB- PMO® Exam The Training cost varies depending on partners and regions. But in general, it cost US$1499 and the Certification Exam fee is US$499
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